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At People Help the People, Inc., we are driven by a profound commitment to justice and a steadfast belief that power resides with the People, not the government. Our nonprofit organization was founded on the principle that every individual deserves to live free from government invasion into the rights our Constitution affords us, and when necessary, every single person should have access to legal assistance and protection, regardless of their background or circumstances. We recognize that in our complex society, legal needs can be both daunting and financially burdensome. That's why we have made it our mission to provide crucial legal support to those in need throughout the United States, and we are able to do so because of you.

Our organization is 100% ran through tax-deductible contributions, and we allocate those funds according to specific initiatives we select based on criteria that helps us determine what causes are the most severe and impacting the most people. Because we operate solely off of charitable contributions, we know and understand the importance of transparency.


In that interest, we've made copies of our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and our 2023 Certificate of Good Standing issued by the State of Hawaii for your convenience.


Our Mission:

Our mission is simple yet profound: we strive to make justice accessible to all. We firmly believe that the law should serve as a tool for empowerment and fairness, rather than an obstacle to overcome. People Help the People, Inc. is dedicated to leveling the playing field for individuals facing legal challenges, whether they involve religion, speech, land ownership, civil rights, housing, employment, medical autonomy, the right to life, or any other legal matter. We are passionate about ensuring that everyone, regardless of their economic situation, has the opportunity to seek and receive justice.

Fighting for Justice Against the Government:

We are unyielding in our commitment to holding government entities accountable for their actions. Our advocacy work encompasses challenging unjust policies, defending civil liberties, and fighting against government overreach. People Help the People, Inc. stands as a staunch advocate for the rights of individuals and communities, and we tirelessly strive to protect and preserve the fundamental freedoms that define our nation.

The Maui Legal Preservation Fund:

In addition to our broader mission, we are proud to introduce the Maui Legal Preservation Fund initiative. This endeavor underscores our dedication to safeguarding the environment and indigenous rights. Maui, with its unparalleled natural beauty and cultural significance, faces environmental and legal challenges that demand immediate attention.

Through the Maui Legal Preservation Fund, we are committed to preserving private citizen's ownership of the land in Lahaina, and ensuring that the government does not take that land for itself. We deeply understand the cultural heritage and history of Maui and Hawaii as a whole, and we are doing everything we can do maintain the status quo and protect Hawaiians. We will vigorously pursue claims and investigate the 2023 wildfires until the real, true answers to our reasonable questions. By collaborating with local communities, experts, and journalists, we aim to ensure that the unique spirit and natural resources of Maui are preserved for future generations.

At People Help the People, Inc., we firmly believe that justice is intertwined with environmental stewardship, and our work on the Maui Legal Preservation Fund exemplifies this commitment.

Get Involved:

We invite you to join us in our journey towards a more just and equitable world. Whether you're an individual seeking legal assistance, a passionate advocate, or a philanthropic partner, your involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of countless people.

Together, we can create a future where justice is accessible, government accountability is upheld, and our natural treasures, like the land in Maui, are protected for generations to come. Thank you for your support of People Help the People, Inc. and our mission to help those in need and protect the land we cherish.

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